Committed to baby Care

Rex Enterprises was founded by a few dedicated individuals who bring together over 40 years experience of production and marketing of baby products internationally. This commitment to baby care led us to build a state of art factory located in Nakhon Pathom province about 60 Km. west of Bangkok.

With a deep understanding of business, Rex Enterprises invested in good manufacturing practice, creating a strong quality management team and chose the most consistent and reliable supply chain for our raw material inputs.

Integration of all processes under one roof has been a key pillar of our strategy with a capable and experienced team of engineers with knowledge of molds and processes, we consider ourselves self-reliant.

Customer satisfaction is the other major focus and this we deliver by ensuring that our manufacturing plant, processes, human relations, environment and safety of our products are never compromised.

Rex Enterprises has seriously worked towards achieving this goal over the years.

Vision & Mission Statement

To be a manufacturer of choice producing top quality baby products for global brands.

  • Focus on continued improvements in our process and ensure compettiveness.
  • Safety and hygiene are the two major considerations in our business.
  • Conduct our business responsibly by ensuring that all stakeholders interests are protected.
  • Ensure customer satisfaction through delivery of top quality, efficient service and competitive prices.
  • Ensure fair business practice with all which will promote trust, co-operation and cement long term relationships.
  • Build professionalism and customer centricity within our employees and invest in their training and development to ensure a motivated team of people.